Rachel Graham aka Losing Gravity Reveals Exactly How She Lost The Weight!

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How Did You Lose The Weight?

The short version: Complete lifestyle change -> Exercise/healthy food!

Have more time? Here’s the long version!

I lost weight through calorie counting, eating (mostly) healthy foods, portion control, and exercise. I’m sure breastfeeding has played a role as well (I no longer am, we made it to 20months though!) however until I started everything else I was gaining weight while nursing. No wraps. No pills. No drugs (thanks trolls!) NO GIMMICKS! There were days that I exercised at 11:30pm after my kids were (finalllllyyyy) asleep, to make sure I didn’t go to bed without working out. (This doesn’t mean I didn’t take days off.. They were just usually planned and not because I was feeling tired or couldn’t find time to get my workout in) There were days that I “missed out on” certain meals those around me were enjoying. Certain treats/desserts.

I was so focused on my goals. SO determined. There were days that I was freaking EXHAUSTED from being up all night with my son and was running on no sleep, yet I kept PUSHING. Days and days that I jogged in place while watching tv. Jogged around my house. There are so many ways to get exercise in without a gym membership. I have spent so much time walking with my kids.. The resistance of pushing a big stroller (with a kid in it haha..) was a great workout for me. I ran up and down stairs/hills while they played. Jumping jacks. Lunges. Jogged laps around my car while my son snoozed inside of it. I did the 30 day shred from home. I danced with my kids.. And walked walked walked some more.

I didn’t ever have a daily “plan” except for when I was doing the shred.. I focused on being active and getting my Fitbit steps in. On getting my heart rate up and a sweat on.. I just got MOVING! I drink lots of water (I used to drink 4-5 cans of diet pop a day, NO water). I got a Fitbit charge when I was down about 30lb, currently have the hr and find it motivating to keep active!

I’m now working on weight/strength exercises! I lost 90lbs from home, but in May I joined a local gym to switch things up exercise wise. I currently have shifted my focus to doing a lot of strength training instead of focusing on step goals, doing mostly cardio, etc. I go to a lot of bootcamp classes which I love, as it gets me out of my comfort zone and I’ve learned a lot of new exercises in class! Great to socialize too ? When I first started this journey, I never expected to develop a love for weights.

I wish I had started using them more, sooner! Current goal is to work up to heavier weights, particularly for deadlifts, etc.

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